1// Do you have an actual store I can buy your things?

Wedshop.gr is an electronic shop only, and because our products are customized they are produced after you order them. But you can pick up your order from our office in P. Faliro (186 El.Venizelou str.). You can see more information about pick up here.

2// Can I make a phone order?

For your own security and in order to avoid mistakes, you can only place your order through our eshop, social media or by email. You can see more information about ways of placing your order here.

3// How can I pay for my order?

You can pay when our Courier Service brings your order, by credit/debit/prepaid card (available only for orders placed on wedshop.gr), by bank deposit or with cash when you pick it up yourself from our office. You can see more information about payment methods here.

4// How long will it take for my order to be ready?

It all depends on the time of the day you will place your order. If you place it before 6pm, it will start getting ready the next business day. If you place it after 6pm, it will start getting ready after 1 business day. If for example you place your order on Tuesday at 3pm, it will be shipped on Wednesday. If you place it on Tuesday at 8pm, it will be shipped on Thursday. You can see here more details.

5// I just placed an order but I haven’t received a confirmation email. Should I do it again?

Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder! Sometimes our automated emails with order information are automatically send to your spam/junk folder. If you haven’t received a confirmation email there either, give us a call or email us! You might have typed your email wrong or your order has in fact not be placed!

6// I chose to pay with a card but it didn’t go through and I received an email that my order was not placed. Can I change the payment method without having to go through with placing my order again??

Of course you can! Send us an email or call us at 215 5409274, with your order’s number and the way you want to make the payment and we will activate it!

7// I like a design you have in a short sleeve tshirt but I can’t find the same design in a bag. Can you print it there as well??

Because we have a lot of different designs and we continuously create more, there is a chance that we haven’t created all the designs in all the products! Ofcourse you can email us which design you like in which product you want it to be printed and if it is possible we will print it!

8// If I have a design I want printed that you don’t have it in your eshop, can you do it?

Please email us the design telling us in what product you want it printed and how many products you want and we will email you back in 1-2 business days with the cost.

9// I want to personalize a product but I don’t see a Personalization field. Can I still print a name?

Most probably if there isn’t a Personalization field you cannot print your name. But you can email us and we will get back to you if we can print it! 

10// I want to buy a huge quantity of a specific product. Is there a special rate or discount?

In the product page there is a Sales chart and you can see there the discount that you will get depending on the quantity you want to buy. If you want to buy an even bigger quantity than the ones on the chart, email us and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. .

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