// From our eshop //

You can place your order straight from our eshop. You can see when you will receive your order here, depending on the day and time you placed it.  

// From FB, Insta, Email* //

You can place your order through our Social Media channels or through email, by giving us the following info:

  1. Link or photo of the products you want
  2. All the necessary information (e.g. color, size, font, design color)
  3. The quantity you want
  4. The shipping method (courier or pick up from our office)
  5. If you want your order shipped, you need to send us your shipping info (First & last name, Adress, zip code, cell phone number)
  6. If you want your order shipped, the payment method (cash on delivery or bank deposit)

If you place your order through our social media channels or email, delivery time is not applicable.  

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